RSS Analysis Project Final Report

CDC contracted CERA to simulate the emergency distribution operations of 36 jurisdictions across the country. This is the projectís final report.


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RSS Analysis

This presentation describes the RSS Analysis program that CDC has contracted CERA to conduct. The presentation was delivered at the SNS Workshop in Portland, OR in March 2008.


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Responding to an Anthrax AttackóDesigning a Robust Plan

by Mark H. Whitworth


Designing a large scale program to dispense antibiotics in response to an anthrax attack requires meticulous advance planning and the careful integration of clinic processes with staffing plans, client logistics, and supply chain operations.


This paper describes some of the steps we took to design a robust dispensing plan.


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How to Obtain an Audit of Your Bioterror Response Plan (MS Word)


This guide discusses the reasons for carrying out an audit, the tools and techniques that produce the best results, things to look for in a vendor, the phases of a typical project, and the likely cost of an audit. It also contains a cut-and-paste section that you can include in an RFP.


New England Homeland Security Conference

Download slides presented at the New England Homeland Security Conference on May 27, 2004 at the US Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT.


RSS Operations Manager - Review Description

The RSS Operations Manager is a tool for planning and managing RSS operations. We have posted this description in order to solicit your comments.

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We have not yet decided on licensing or distribution policies for the Operations Manager.


Dynamic Simulation for Smallpox Vaccination Clinic Planning

by Mark H. Whitworth and John J. Shaw, D.M.D.

Smallpox vaccination clinics must be tailored to meet the needs of the communities they serve. Fast service time will be a key measure of the success of a post-event vaccination program. Clinic operations are complex and difficult to plan. A complete plan must include effective client transportation and supply logistics. Static analysis techniques like spreadsheets and mathematical models cannot capture the complexities of clinic operations and cannot accurately predict clinic performance. The Smallpox Vaccination Clinic Model is a customizable, dynamic simulation model that can be used to help planners integrate logistical, clinical, and administrative operations effectively and make well informed tradeoffs among service level, cost, and safety concerns.


Hartford, CT Mass Vaccination Clinic Analysis

by Mark H. Whitworth

Read the analysis of the Hartford, CT plan for vaccinating 120,000 people in 10 days at a single clinic. The Center's simulation model was integral to the development and evaluation of Hartford's innovative approach to clinic and client transportation management.


Catastrophic Bioterrorism - What Is To Be Done?

by Richard Danzig


This excellent paper, from the Center for Technology and National Security Policy, discusses the bioterror threat and describes how we might prepare for it.

From the Introduction:

It is now widely recognized that terrorists may inflict great trauma upon us by using biological weapons against America's civilian populations. There is, however, no common perception of how this problem should be defined and countered. In the language of today's business consultants, neither the "problem space" nor "the solution space" has been well mapped. In military terms, we have no established a method of focusing our efforts, testing alternative strategies, setting requirements, and determining priorities. This paper is designed to show how we can do these things.



Smallpox and Bioterrorism

Why the Plan to Protect the Nation is Stalled and What to Do

by William J. Bicknell, M.D., and Kenneth D. Bloem


A briefing paper prepared for the Cato Institute



Guidelines for Large Scale Smallpox Vaccination Clinics

(Annex 3)


These are the CDCís general guidelines for setting up and managing a clinic. Local planners must take great care in tailoring these guidelines for use in their communities.