Mark Whitworth, Executive Director
Mark Whitworth has over 25 years of experience developing software solutions to important problems in business, industry, healthcare, government, and defense.

As Vice President at Gensym Corporation (Burlington, MA), he oversaw the development of a variety of software products for business process management. His organization was responsible for the application of these products to projects ranging from the analysis of the US Armyís supply chain to re-engineering the delivery of human services by the Province of Manitoba to the development of order fulfillment strategies for Intel Corporation (an effort which won the Supply Chain Councilís prestigious Technology Award).

Most recently, Mark has applied the tools, techniques, and experience developed over his career to the problems of bioterror preparedness. He has worked with New Hampshireís Department of Health and Human Services to analyze and improve the mass smallpox vaccination plans developed by local officials. He has also worked with Capitol Region MMRS (Hartford, CT) planners to design a single-clinic plan for vaccinating 120,000 residents against smallpox in ten days.


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